The following is a gallery of our standard services. We do, however, provide custom work at the request of the client. Email us for a quote today!

10 thoughts on “services

  1. Hello Chris…was interested in if you were able to make a life cast using myself, my husband and my four boys (7,6,4,1)…I saw this Edinburg thing where it was a family of 4 and they had all 4 hands draped over each other’s wrists and it was really pretty….I’m open to suggestions….and the cost please…😊


  2. Hi,

    I am also interested in a casting of our family of 5. Can you give me a quote for the same sort of casting as tanya? It would form a circle



  3. Hello Chris I am also interested in doing the same thing from Edinburgh where the family of 4 hands were placed together. It would be myself and my 3 sons.


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