What is Life Casting?

It seems no matter where I go, when I tell someone that I am a Life Caster, they get get a look in their eye that tells me they think I just told them that I am a life coach. I am not. Thant’s why I carry business cards with photos of actual life casts on them so I can immediately put the matter to bed.

Life Casting is the process of creating a sculpture from the imprint or cast of a person’s body, face, hand, etc. The material used to take the casting is called alginate. It is nontoxic, skin safe and made from seaweed. It is the same material your dentist uses when he makes a casting of your teeth. One of the great properties of alginate is that it sticks to nothing – not skin, not hair, and not clothing. So you can get great casts with high amounts of detail over any surface, and it doesn’t hurt coming off!
Chris-Guarino-WiLC-2A very popular casting among expectant mothers is the Maternity Casting. This can be done in several different styles. The photo above shows a full torso maternity casting. Some couples opt for just a casting of the belly. I will to show some examples of different styles and finishes in future blogs, but for now, you can see a few on my portfolio page.

Chris-Guarino-WiLC-3Here we have the casting that grandparents go crazy for – the infant hand and foot casting! Infants are great, and they grow so fast. Life casting provides away to freeze time and cherish the delicate size and intricacies of your child’s hand (or foot) forever.

I know what you’re saying, you want to preserve your hands too! And why not? There are few things more touching than an infant’s tiny hand wrapped around his father’s finger, or a mother ‘s hands gently holding her daughter’s feet.

Chris-Guarino-WiLC-4Why not just get the who family together? The photo above shows a family of five who opted to have their hand casts put on a marble base. I am currently working on casting of another family that will be displayed in a shadowbox along with the infant’s portrait.

Chris-Guarino-WiLC-6Specialty hand castings are also popular keepsakes. If you have an object (toy, baseball, etc) you would like incorporated into your casting, it can easily be done.

Chris-Guarino-WiLC-7The Portrait Cast. Nothing captures a truer likeness of someone in a certain moment in time better than the portrait cast.

Chris-Guarino-WiLC-8Finally, I’d like to show some pet castings. Yes, pet’s can have life castings too! I have done castings of several dog’s, and believe it or not, even a cat. Of course prints are the easiest thing, but as long as the animal is well behaved, a great casting can be taken of their paws!

Well, that’s it for your intro to Life Casting! I hope you all had a good time.If you have any questions, comments, or would like to schedule an appointment – let me know here:



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